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Inversal Calibrator


  •  Hand held, Battery operated, Portable Source and Sink for mV, mA and RTD.
  •  PT-100 reading directly in terms Of temperature
  •  Test facility to confirm DPM and stabilized circuit.
  •  Typical Accuracy 0.1%.
  •  Battery low indication.


GK' introduces truiy portable and highly able Calibrator which can be used for the bration of many types of process control ruments which work on mV, mA and iistance. The Calibrator is designed to suit rument lab as well as field calibration. This can be used as better tool for fault finding and firmation of Instrument / Sensor reliability. ice very useful for Commissioning, Quality urance. Routine maintenance and Trouble oting.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply : Two Batteries of nv. size PP3. Make Everedy or equivalent
Indication : 41/2 digit LCD display with 'Battery Low'. Over-range and Polarity Indication.
Operating Temperature : 0 to 50 Deg. C
Effect of Temp. Change: 0.002% / Deg. C. Ref. 25 Deg. C.
Humidity : Max. 90% Rh non condensing
Storage Temperature  : 0 to 70 oC
Battery Life : 0 to 70 oC
Size  : 170 (H) 90 (W)'45(D)
Weight : Max. I/2 Kg

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Functions Range Resolution Accuracy Load
DC mV 199.99 mV 0.01 mV ±0.1% of F.S. 5 mA max.
DC mA 25.00 mA 0.01 mA 10.1% of F.S. 500 Ohms(at 20 mA)
RTD -200 to 600 oC 0.1 oC -I- 0.1% of F.S. (For 0 to 400 oC) 0.25 Watts
  1. 3 1/2 digit indication (Low Cost hence affects Electrical Specs)
  2. Rechargeable Batteries
  3. Rattely Eliminator

Functional Description

Front Panel
  1. Power ON - This switch powers the instrument with batteries when switched "ON"
  2. Source / Sink Selection facility for source and sink as per requirement.
  3. Coarse and Fine Adjustment - Both the potentiometers are multi-turn helipots and used to get exact value of mV/mA.
  4. Rotary Selector switch - This Selects the Parameters mV/mA/RTD/Test.
  5. Test mode will check DPM i internal stabilized power supply and show reading of 100.00 ,-0.02.
  6. Battery Replacement - When "LOW BAT" indication appears on DPM, the discharged batteries must be replaced otherwise the accuracy is not guaranteed.

In case of instrument is not being used for longer duration, batteries should be removed.


1).For Calibration of Process Control Instruments and Systems for various industries such as Cement, Chemicals. Dyestuff, Paint, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Paper, Glass, Food Industries, Steel, Synthetics. Automobiles, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration.

2).As fault finding tool.

3).Quality Assurance toot for ISO 9000 companies for "Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test equipment