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  1. 6 digit or 8 digit electromechanical counter for cumulative flow.
  2. Isolated 24V DC, 50mA auxiliary output for powering field transmitter, (optional).
  3. 0/4 to 20mA retransmission for recording purpose - optional.
  4. 8 digit Electronic Counter available
  5. 31/2 digit indication for flow rate.
  6. 96 x 96 x 175 mm or 72 x 144 x 175 mm DIN std. enclosure.
  7. Sq-root extraction - optional.

VedSri flow indicating totalize accepts 0/4 to 20 mA input from flow transmitter or DP transmitters. The 3 1/2 digit indication for flow rate & 6/8 digit electromechanical counter for cumulative flow are provided. The isolated output 24V DC, 30mA (optional) is available for powering field transmitters. Also 0/4 to 20 mA retransmission output is available for recording purpose. The batch alarm facility is available with the thumb wheel settings. The FIT is housed in a rugged Aluminum casted DIN std enclosure.


  •  6/8 digit electromechanical counter.
  •  Sq.root extraction available, (optional).
  •  Both trip / alarm outputs available.
  •  24V DC, 50mA & 0/4 to 20mA o/p available. (optional)
  •  8 digit Electronic Counter LCDand LED can be provided.
  •  Batch totaliser with thumb wheel setpoint available.


The glass epoxy, Green mask PCB with high quality components soldered employs the state - of - the art technology. The PCBs are sliding type with the PCB mounted transformer. With the DIP switch inside, the pulse rate can be adjusted. The input signal is converted in to voltage & fed to DPM directly. The input signal & basic clock frequency are modulated & divided by counters to give the pulses proportional to input signal as per time. The highly constant and drift free reference voltage and clock frequency is used for drift free performance.


To display the flow rate as well as totalized flow these units are used.
FIT can accepts the input signal from vortex, electromagnetic flow meter & DPT's used in dairy, breweries, water treatment, plants.

Technical Specifications
INPUT 0/4 to 20 mA DC INPUT Less then 100V
OUTPUT 0/4 to 20 mA in to 500 V. OPERATING TEMP 10 to 50 °C
(OPTIONAL) retransmission output 24VDC,
50mA, AUX. o/p.
SUPPLY 240 VAC, +/- 10%50HZ
110 VAC, +/- 10%50HZ
72 X 144 X 175mm
RANGE AS per requirement WEIGHT 1.5Kgapprox.
ACCURACY ) 0.25% of FULL SCALE MODEL 500 - 31/2 digit ind.
6 digit E. M. COUNTER
501 - 31/2 digit ind.
8 digit E. M. COUNTER
502 - 41/2 digit ind.
6 digit E. M. COUNTER
503 - 41/2 digit ind.
8 digit E. M. COUNTER
INDICATION 31/2 digit RED LED display for current flow 6 digit ELECTRO MECHANICAL COUNTER for cummulative flow 8 digit LCD or LED Electronic Counter. WEIGHT 2 kg (Table Top) 1 kg (Portable)
Our Products

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