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Lectrotek range of panel products feature isolated Modbus-bus communication, retransmission signals, choice of alarm/control/PID current outputs and digital/bargraph displays.

Digital Panel Indicators are used to indicate process parameters Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level etc. Lectrotek Digital Panel Indicators accept direct temperature inputs from RTDs and thermocouples, and DC signal inputs such as 4-20mA, 1-5V DC etc. from transmitters for other parameters like pressure, flow etc. Programmable input versions (LTRON-series) are exceedingly preferred for the following reasons:

Convenience of selecting input/range at site SMPS-power supply of 90-270V AC allows operation on 110V, 220V power. 24V DC powered versions can also be ordered. Digital Modbus-RTU communication option over Rs-485 port, for connection to DAS/SCADA systems Isolated retransmission output proportional to the input option in fixed input (15X-series). Features for selecting energizing/de-energizing relays on alarm/trip modes (Hi-Low function) and hysterisis etc. Additional 101-segment LED bargraph in Bargraph Indicators shows user PV over an analog scale, giving an easy reference.