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Our Products

VedSri Manufactures Various Products of Temperature in Both Flame Proof & Non Flame Proof Versions lke Temperature Sensors, Indicators, Controllers, Transmitters, Scanners, Loggers & Isolators.

VedSri I. T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Company.

VedSri is a Pioneer in Calibration Services, It has 60% Market Share on Calibration Services.

VedSri is well positioned for continued growth and market dominance because of its Technical Support to the Cutomers under the able leadership of founder promoter, Mr. V. Ramakrishna.

PT-100 RTDs (Platinum 100 ohms @ 0°C) as per DIN 43760, and thermocouples as per ANSI 96.01 standards for accuracy / conformance.

Most commonly, sensors are supplied in a protective tube (sheath) as per various length and diameter (OD).
Sheath materials are selected as per their compatibility with the service medium, and are normally SS304, SS316, SS310 for temperatures upto 1000°C.
For higher temperatures, Inconel 660, Ceramic, re-crystallized Alumina and other sheath options are available.
Compression fittings are available for mounting sensors in a tank, vessel etc. (e.g. ½” BSPM) or by flanges as per ANSI, DIN or BS standards.
Additional protective wells (‘thermowell’) are available, in pipe fabricated / drilled barstock and straight and tapered versions.

Other sensor types available are surface-mounting, leaf-type, bayonet types, MI flexible type with Omega connectors etc. are available.

Special applications for surface temperature sensing, heat-tracer sensing, multicouples, grain silo monitoring, HVAC, automobile, reliability testing also available. PT-1000 RTDs for higher resolution applications also available.