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Scanner & Datalogger

Lectrotek’s range of Temperature and Process Scanners, Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems are used for monitoring of critical equipment for their healthy condition, safety, interlocking and provide alarm & trip relays in case of fault conditions such as exceeding/falling below set values, or open sensor conditions etc.

Application: Lectrotek Scanners are used for monitoring equipment such as HT motors, alternators, diesel engines, turbines, boilers, HVAC systems etc.

Versions: solid-state (Model 881) and microprocessor-based (Uniscan-series)
Universal inputs: programmable inputs for every channels – RTDs, thermocouples, 4-20mA DC etc.

Features: choice of alarm/trip output relays, Modbus communication, retransmission of maximum value Packaging in enclosures suitable for various panel cutouts, rack-mount versions, field and flameproof versions etc. Comparative features are provided, along with downloadable data sheets.